Fiqh of Janazah

Fiqh of Janazah


This sacred prayer is a very important part of the funeral tradition. If an individual is buried without the Janazah rites observed, the entire Muslim community will incur a sin for having neglected this obligation. Furthermore, it is equally important to know how conduct this prayer.

The Prophet Muhammad (saws) said: “Whoever follows a Muslim’s bier, out of faith and seeking to increase his account of good deeds, until he makes the funeral prayer for it will have a Qeeraat’s worth of reward. And he whoever follows it until it is buried, will get two Qeeraats” He was then asked what two Qeeraats were and he replied, “They are equivalent to two huge mountains; [the smaller of the two is like Mount Uhud].” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

This class will cover all aspects of the Fiqh concerning the Janazah with associated death and burial rites. Students will interact with demonstration bodies in order to learn how to perform Ghusl on a dead body and wrap a body properly in the burial shroud.

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