Eid Gift Appeal: Scholar and Teacher in Need - $2000 needed

Assalamu Alaikum everyone, 

There is a scholar who is a wonderful teacher and beautiful human in immediate need of financial assistance. He is the literal definition of servant-leadership. He has not asked for any money - however, we know his situation and hope to give him an Eid gift this week inshaAllah.

At the moment, he is between jobs and does not have a stable income to support himself or family. This financial support would be used towards offsetting his day to day expenses during this trying period. It is our hope that with this support, he should be able to comfortably continue his search for a new job without having to dig further into his already nearly depleted savings.

We have currently raised $4000 and are short $2000 for what our goal is for him. On this Eid, can you help us get to the target?