Acts of Devotion: Recommended acts for every month of the Islamic year [Free eBook]

From the preface by Dr. Zachary Wright:

”Sidi Idris al-Iraqi’s Ikhtisar al-irshad li-khass wa l-ʿam, translated here as “Acts of Devotion”, has long been considered a useful summary of supererogatory worship according to notable annual dates on the Islamic lunar calendar. Al-Iraqi was the Imam of the Zawiya Tijaniyya in Fez, Morroco, during the mid-twentieth century. His scholarly networks included affectionate relations with the century’s greatest Tijani scholars, such as Shaykh A­mad Sukayrij and Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse. He was a prolific author, with his most famous work being the five-volume commentary on Tijaniyya, Risala l-shafiyya fi fiqh al-_}riqa al-A¨madiyya al-Tijaniyya (“Epistle of Healing in understanding the Tijaniyya”).”

Imam Ghazali Institute commissioned the translation of this book. The descendants of the Shaykh have requested that we make it available for free.

Click here to download the book [PDF]

May Allah help us to benefit from this book. Amen.