Why we put the ijaza in our book

The tradition of 'ijaza is one of the immense blessings that has been passed down to us from previous generations of Muslims.

The 'ijaza is a certification of knowledge and mastery within a certain subject area.

In most instances, the 'ijaza is conferred by a person, not by an institution. Therefore, the transmission of knowledge in Islam is usually connected to specific individuals, and their personal relationships to their direct teachers and students. The integrity of the 'ijaza system has helped Islam to survive intact up to the present day.

In many traditional Islamic texts, you will find the author's 'ijaza at the beginning.

IGI's translation of al-Bajuri's Introduction to Islamic Creed is authorized by Shaykh Ahmed Saad al-Azhari. Shaykh Ahmed is connected to al-Bajuri via three different chains, each consisting of three scholars whose lifetimes span the years between al-Bajuri's time and our own. Shaykh Ahmed also authorized the translator, Ustadh Rashad Jameer, to translate al-Bajuri's text into English.

You will find the English version of Shaykh Ahmed's 'ijaza on page 11, and the Arabic on page 13.

As the title says, this book is an introduction. It will help you get started on the path of knowledge, with the comfort of certainty that you're following the guidance of the righteous people who came before us.

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May Allah help you to grow in knowledge and certainty.